Using a collaborative creative process, Pixel Loon provides customized design & development solutions to meet your needs. 


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Branding goes far beyond logo development, fonts and color choices. A logo is often; however, the first impression a potential client has of your business so it's important that you have a strong and timeless one.  


brand development & Branded elements

Your brand is your business's personality. It's the expectations you're setting and the relationships you're keeping. It's your voice in person, online and in print. Knowing your target market is essential to developing a strong brand that attract a loyal following. Having consistently branded elements will ensure that you and your employees are staying true to your values and mission. 



Mobile Apps are a must-have.  Studies show that in the United States, users are on their mobile device around 87 hours per month and time on mobile apps accounts for upwards of 80% of those hours. While a responsive website is essential, you can make getting your ideal client information even easier by developing an app. 

Logos and style guides to put your best foot forward.

A logo is often the first look your audience has at your company, so it's time to make a strong first impression. Whether revamping an existing logo or creating one from scratch, we are here to make sure you have something that sets you apart from competitors. Aside from an exceptional logo, an often overlooked document all businesses should have is a style guide. A style guide sets the standard for any documents, signage, web platforms, or other type of brand identifier. Consistent design across stationary, web and mobile platforms conveys your unique voice, tone and brand personality while ensuring uniformity in style and formatting. 

We will meet with you in person or virtually to help you nail down your brand personality and set goals that your logo and branded elements can help meet. After getting a feel for your business mission and values, we'll start the design process. Typically our process includes first round logo drafts, client feedback, revisions, additional feedback, final touches and file delivery. Each project is unique though and may require fewer or more revisions. We're dedicated to coming up with something you love, so won't stop until we've got it just right. Each logo package will come with a one page style-guide summary. More extensive style guides can be contracted in for larger companies. 

 Brand development to help you stay true to your mission and values.


While a style guide will help maintain consistent design across stationary, web and mobile platforms, it takes more than a consistent look to develop a brand. Remember your brand conveys your unique voice, tone and business personality so it's important that it's well researched and intentionally developed. We'll help you nail it down and create branded elements that meet your business needs.

From social media images to stationary and annual reports, you're going to want a consistent look, feel and voice representing your business. A style guide is a great starting point, but having one person or team in charge of all of these branded elements will help achieve the consistency needed to create brand awareness and a loyal following. That's where we come in.



Go mobile with app development from one of the best. 


What's the one thing that most people can't leave home without? You've got it - their phone! So don't you want to be in their back pocket all of the time? Whether your goal is to simply convey information or create an interactive masterpiece, Pixel Loon will get your app done right. Our mobile engineer has coded top-of-the-line apps with millions of users each, so you know you're in great hands!