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Riffland Solutions Client Spotlight

Riffland Solutions - Client Spotlight


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Riffland solutions - website redesign

Riffland Solutions hired us to redesign their existing website on WordPress. Their goal was to maintain the existing architecture and product images but refresh the design to be more graphics forward. The old website had extensive and redundant verbiage, inconsistent and sometimes hard-to-find pages and made it difficult for viewers to quickly understand what exactly Riffland Solutions provides.

Pixel Loon provided Riffland Solutions with a sample refreshed page that combined the redundant “home” and “about” pages into one concise page that utilized images, icons and clearly blocked content to clearly convey what they do. With that sample, we won Riffland Solution’s business and are proud to have provided them with our consulting, design and development services.


We went through all of Riffland Solution’s website content and made our recommendations for updated, concise verbiage and more clear user flow. We provided writing, editing and content curation services and worked closely with Riffland Solution’s owner, Mary, to make adjustments based on her feedback.


Pixel Loon used Riffland Solution’s existing branding (not developed by Pixel Loon) and provided a detailed design for every page. We created a more balanced and functional services landing page and a consistently designed layout across all service-specific pages. We used icons, color and text hierarchy to highlight key information, and guide the user experience. By getting to know Mary and her goals for Riffland Solutions, it was clear that we needed to keep the feel of the site very personable yet professional and emphasize the many ways she can be reached as personalized customer service is at the forefront of what she does. We worked closely with Mary for edits and revisions and kept her in the loop every step of the way as adjustments needed to be made to fit within their existing architecture, maintain mobile responsiveness, etc.


Pixel Loon provided custom WordPress development and extensive troubleshooting to simplify the existing website and make it work for the refreshed design. Our developer rearranged some pages to make them more accessible and consistent across the navigation bars and icon buttons. She found creative solutions for problems that arose when trying to incorporate parts of the old site into the new design. Our designer and developer collaborated extensively to ensure the new site worked across screens and on mobile. They also worked closely with Mary to make any final adjustments as the project came to a close.


By providing project management from start to finish via our consulting, design and development services we were able to efficiently and cost-effectively meet Riffland Solution’s needs. We created a website that serves their business more effectively by providing potential clients with an easy to follow summary of the wide variety of services and solutions Riffland Solutions offers. Looking back on the overarching goals of decreased verbiage, increased graphics and a more strategic and easy to follow user flow, we can proudly say, “mission accomplished”.

We could not have asked for anything better. You listened to us and heard what we needed.
Thank you so much.
— Mary Sutherland of Riffland Solutions