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Kitchen Pantry Scientist Client Spotlight

Kitchen Pantry Scientist -Client Spotlight

Media Kit Press Release

Kitchen pantry scientist - media kit design

What an honor it was to work with the queen of at home science recipes and activities! Liz Heinecke, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, was in need of a media kit leading up to some major national events including Comic Con. The goal was to create something that was bright and bubbly to fit her brand personality, but also professional. The prerequisites were that we use her existing logo and brand colors but not make it too “bubble-gummy”.

We decided to run a test tube background throughout many of the media kit pages to highlight her science focus in the STEAM world and subtly pull in the purple from her brand colors. We stuck with her brand blue for the main color to err on the side of professionalism over “bubble-gum” - the bright blue still conveys her energetic and bubbly nature. A few simple icons and a less-is-more design approach led us to our final page designs. Pages were exported as editable PDFs and Word Documents per the client’s request.