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Using a collaborative creative process, Pixel Loon provides customized design & development solutions to meet your needs. 


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Branding goes far beyond logo development, fonts and color choices. A logo is often; however, the first impression a potential client has of your business so it's important that you have a strong and timeless one.  


brand development & Branded elements

Your brand is your business's personality. It's the expectations you're setting and the relationships you're keeping. It's your voice in person, online and in print. Knowing your target market is essential to developing a strong brand that attract a loyal following. Having consistently branded elements will ensure that you and your employees are staying true to your values and mission. 



Mobile Apps are a must-have.  Studies show that in the United States, users are on their mobile device around 87 hours per month and time on mobile apps accounts for upwards of 80% of those hours. While a responsive website is essential, you can make getting your ideal client information even easier by developing an app.