Using a collaborative creative process, Pixel Loon provides personalized design solutions to meet your needs. 


Image by Dan Oksnevad Photography

Image by Dan Oksnevad Photography


From invitation suites to personalized visuals to enhance an event space, we are here to create a unique and cohesive look for any occasion.  Whether for a wedding, baby shower, graduation, birthday or anniversary, no event is too big or small to have a one of a kind design scheme. 



Whether you are a start-up or an established business, having a strong logo and style guide are essential to conveying your company's mission and values.  Aside from assisting you on your logo/branding needs, we are here to help with event promotion, advertising, or even artistic pieces to showcase in your office. The sky's the limit. 



Mobile Apps are a must-have.  While it is clear that an exceptional mobile app can make all the difference for businesses, apps are becoming commonplace for personal use as well.  Couples are turning from paper invitations to mobile wedding apps to convey important information. Whether for business or personal use, we can help you reach your target audience.

Personalized design touches for any occasion.

Sure, you can order your invites, stationary and other event decor online with thousands of other people, but here at Pixel Loon we want your event to be as unique as you are. The first impression your guests will have is likely going to be a save the date or invitation and we are here to help you stand out with one-of-a-kind designs that are created custom for you!

 Logo and Branding solutions that are true to your mission and values.


A logo is often the first look your audience has at your company, so it's time to make a strong first impression. Whether revamping an existing logo or creating one from scratch, we are here to make sure you have something that sets you apart from competitors. Aside from an exceptional logo, an often overlooked document all businesses should have is a style guide. A style guide sets the standard for any documents, signage, web platforms, or other type of brand identifier. Consistent design across stationary, web and mobile platforms conveys your unique voice, tone and brand personality while ensuring uniformity in style and formatting. 



Go mobile with app development from one of the best. 


What's the one thing that most people can't leave home without? You've got it - their phone! So don't you want to be in their back pocket all of the time? Whether your goal is to simply convey information or create an interactive masterpiece, Pixel Loon will get your app done right. Our mobile engineer has coded top-of-the-line apps with millions of users each, so you know you're in great hands!